5 Things That No Longer Matter When You Become A Mom

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There is no denying that motherhood changes your life. If you have an infant in your life, your daily life looks a lot different than before your baby was born. You and your partner probably spent your evenings together watching movies, eating your favorite meals, going out on romantic dates, and getting naughty between the sheets. Before pregnancy, you also probably spent time with your girlfriends by having a fun girls’ night out, a short vacation with your gang, or simply stayed in, sipped on wine, and spent hours talking about life. Yes, you’ve probably had a happening life before your pregnancy, and after your baby was born, everything changed.

Right from your priorities to your lifestyle, your life looks drastically different after having a baby. You spend your day and night with your little one and cater to his/her needs the most. Your baby is your top priority, and that’s completely normal. If you find it hard to make time for your girlfriends or spend a day at the salon, it’s because you have a newborn who depends on you, and your day starts and ends with them. You might have envisioned yourself to be the kind of mom who will make time for everything in her life even after a baby arrives, but the reality is quite different. You realize that you don’t have time for many things that used to matter a lot to you. Here are five things that you let go of when you become a mom:

1. Staying Relevant With The Trend

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You might have been keeping up with the trends of fashion, youth, and fads, but as a mom, you don’t have the time to stay relevant anymore. You realize that it doesn’t matter to you because all you want to do is get a good amount of sleep after a long day (or night). You’re probably happy if you’re up-to-date with your baby and their needs and couldn’t care less about staying up-to-date with the world.

2. Matching Underwear (Or Anything Really)

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You probably wonder how you had the time to pick out matching underwear every day. As a mom, you don’t have the time or patience to pick out matching underwear, socks, or anything else. You’re almost sure that spending so much time trying to pick out the right shoes for that dress or the right purse to go with your outfit is just a waste of time. Because now, you have a baby screaming for something every two minutes.

3. Writing Thank You Cards

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You cannot believe that you used to take the time to write out thank you cards for every little thing — a birthday present, a bottle of wine, a baked treat, delicious dessert, homemade cookies, or even watering your plants when you were on vacation. Sometimes, you think you should write a thank you card to someone who did you a big favor, but by the time you find the paper, pen, and stamps, your newborn needs you, and you forget what you’re thankful for.

4. Reading Your Magazines

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You were probably a big-time magazine reader and had subscriptions to over five magazines. Not only that, you would even finish reading them all and probably get some more by the end of the month. But with kids, you can barely skim through them, let alone read them all. You stopped your subscriptions and were happy to do it because, well, KIDS.

5. Dealing With Your Friends’ Drama

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You had time for your friends’ lives and the things happening in theirs. Perhaps you’re one of the few who are married with kids, but the rest of them are dealing with fights with their boyfriends or complaining about their careers. You were happy to lend an ear before, but you don’t have time for it now that you’re a mom.

Embracing motherhood is not easy, and you’ve sacrificed a lot to get where you are. But the change happens slowly, and you begin to let go of things that don’t seem as important anymore. Priorities change, and that’s normal. If you could relate to this article, share it with your mommy friends and let them know that they are not alone.

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