New Parents: Tips For Quality Rest

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Having a baby changes your life drastically. You have to say goodbye to a lot of things in life, and time becomes a luxury. With feeding schedules, diaper duties, and sleeping schedules, your whole life revolves around your little munchkin. The fussy cries make it hard for you to spend time with yourself or your partner. What’s more, is that you barely have any time to get some shuteye. But as new parents, it’s important that you take some time to get quality rest. It might seem impossible, but you need it, so you have to prioritize it. Here are seven tips for you to get that rest you deserve:

1. Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

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It’s not the first time you’re hearing this, and it won’t be the last. The best way to get some sleep is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Yes, we know that it’s probably the only time you get to get chores done or take a shower, but getting small naps in while your baby is sleeping is a great idea to avoid complete sleep deprivation.

2. Skip The Chores

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Like we mentioned before, getting chores done with a newborn around can be quite the challenge. So, the solution is to skip it. Every person who visits knows what it’s like to have a newborn, and they’ll understand. Besides, they are visiting to meet the baby and you. So, don’t worry about the house being a mess.

3. Share Nighttime Duties

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Share the load with your partner, so the burden does not fall on only one person. Nighttime baby duties like changing diapers and putting your baby back to sleep are things that you and your partner can take turns doing. If you decide to use a breast pump, your partner could feed your baby too while you catch up on some sleep.

4. Keep The Baby Close To You

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Several parents choose to put the crib in a separate room. You could avoid the extra effort and save lots of time by placing the crib in your room. If your baby wakes up at night, it’s easier for you to attend to your child and put them back to sleep when they are in the same room.

5. Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

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Sometimes, a simple act of support can make all the difference to you. Your friends and family understand what it’s like to have a newborn. So, reach out to them for help when you have too much on your plate. They could help by bringing you baby essentials from the store or by cooking food for your partner and you.

6. Practice Good Sleep Patterns

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Good sleep hygiene can ensure that you get to rest well. It might be difficult to follow a regularized sleep schedule but try to stick to a specific bedtime. Also, avoid consuming beverages that have caffeine in them post 4 p.m. Steer clear of electronics at least two hours before bedtime to help you sleep better. You could also have a relaxing, warm shower before getting into bed.

7. Follow Healthy Sleep Habits For Baby

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Your infant needs to follow a healthy sleep schedule so that they can sleep how much they are required to. As they grow older, they sleep much less. Therefore, practice putting your baby to sleep when they are drowsy. It enables a good sleep pattern which can be a great advantage for you.

It’s a well-known fact that new parents have to say goodbye to a good night’s sleep. But with these few tips and practices, sleep deprivation doesn’t have to be at its peak. You can manage to get in a few hours of quality rest and bounce back with restored energy. Did these tips help you get some shuteye? Let us know in the comments below!

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